Winter clouds 冬の雲

You know those days where the clouds look like they are taken directly from a British romanticism painting? The other day the special winter light resulted exactly in such a sky. イギリスのロマン主義時代からの絵のような雲がある日を分かる?この間冬の特別な光がその雲をもたらした。
By the way, the other day I made vanilla bean scones. Really nice and perfect for post Christmas winter days.

4 thoughts on “Winter clouds 冬の雲

    1. This winter started out really nice and was quite cold actually! But the last week or so it’s been a bit warmer than usual. Probably it will get super cold again soon if I know my Swedish weather =)

    1. Ah, I’m starting to get a little bit fed up with it =( It’s always nice until Christmas, but in January it all seems a little bit too long ^_^. But I’m seriously trying my best to enjoy winter while it lasts. As soon as it turns into spring and summer I know I’ll miss it again =)

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