New year’s eating お正月の飲食

Why do I always only take pictures of food? Well well, at New Years a lot of the focus was on the food (as usual). I went with friends to visit other friends and we had a great dinner and drinks!
Welcome drink with sparklers and taste of ginger. And salmon rolls to go with that.
For starter, Parmesan roasted portabello mushroom with rosemary on toast. トーストの上パルメザン・チーズローズマリー焼きマッシュルーム。
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Aubergine and pesto lasagne with cottage cheese for dinner.  スターターとしてメインコースとしてコッテージチーズの茄子とペストラザニア
For desert, Meringue and Raspberry orange ice cream tart.
And champagne! And my friends kissing!
I hope you all have a start of 2013 that’s as tasty as mine =)

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