Christmas and New Years pastime activities クリスマスとお正月の娯楽

One way to spend lazy Christmas time is to make a ginger bread house. We made one to look like my parents’ real house. The color might not be 100% but the dimensions should be somewhat correct =) Another thing to do is to conquer the snow and make snowmen.
??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? It’s obvious that my niece is a very good and kind little girl, judging from the amount of presents that Santa gave her.
What’s less nice is that I just caught a cold. Luckily New Years, when I’m going to southern Sweden to celebrate with friends, is days away so I should be able to recover. And actually, it’s better to be sick when I don’t really have any urgent matters to attend, only reading books and taking it easy =)

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