God jul

EYup, that’s Merry Christmas in Swedish! And well, Christmas is here all right. The tree is up and decorated. The umeshu is bottled. All the candy is made. Now what’s left really is to enjoy the holidays and eat as much as you can =)
EThe plums have been resting since September in alcohol and sugar, and now the Japanese plum liqueur (umeshu) is ready to drink, it’s so tasty!
One of the new kinds of candy that I made this year was orange toffee. It turned out really nice!
And today, the day before Christmas eve I made Smörrebröd for our family and my cousins. Smörrebröd is a Danish dish consisting of several different versions of sandwiches. I don’t eat meat but I eat fish, and there are several seafood versions you can make. It was a success really =)
Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. In Sweden we celebrate Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day like in UK and USA. Let’s hope Santa will bring me something nice!

3 thoughts on “God jul

  1. Yummy food and treats! Here in Canada we seem have different food for the comming holidays — like turkey, patatos, ham, eggnog…

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