The ultimate Christmas Treat – Homemade Marzipan 完璧なクリスマスお菓子:手作りマジパン

ESwedes are really into marzipan and many people eat it for Christmas. As far as I know, you can’t find marzipan in the stores in either UK or Japan, only in Germany and Austria and countries close to them. How about USA? Anyhow, it’s such a delicious type of candy and you can use it for many purposes. As a lid on a cake, as stuffing in cinnamon rolls. Or, if you find a really good one with high almond content its amazing to eat as it is. But what many people don’t know is that it’s super easy to make high quality marzipan by yourself. In contrast to the store bought the one you make on your own doesn’t taste of preservatives or chemically produced bitter almond flavours. Also, the one you buy tend to contain loads of sugar since almonds are quite expensive. All in all, the one you make yourself has a much better taste and is easy to make – no reason not to really!
Although marzipan traditionally is made from only almonds and no other nuts, it’s no problem to add other versions. I threw in a bunch of pecans with mine, to give a special flavour. I’m sure you can use walnuts, hazelnuts and any kind you want really.

For 60 pralines you will need:
– 300 grams of almonds (or something like 200 grams of almonds + other nut of your choice)
– 200 grams of icing sugar
– 1-2 egg whites
And now if you want to eat the marzipan like it is, than that’s it. For example colouring it and making figures and fruits (like they do in Germany). Or you add 100 grams of dark good quality chocolate and some almonds for decoration!

Start off by removing the skin of the almonds. This is done by putting the almonds in a saucepan, cover with water and bring to a boil. Then you can easily peel them. Dry with a towel. Then grind all the nuts.
Mix nuts and icing sugar. 砕いたナッツと砂糖を混ぜる。
Now grind the nut/sugar mix again! そしてナッツと砂糖のミックスをもう一回砕く!
Put the mix in a food processor. Add 1 egg white. Wait with adding the last one (or half of it) until you know for sure that you need it.
Mix for some minutes until the marzipan gets the right texture. It should be like modelling clay really. You should be able to shape it without getting a lot stuck to your hands. If it’s too sticky, add some more icing sugar.
Now shape the marzipan the way you want to. I made little balls, since it’s easiest. As “flour” use icing sugar when shaping.
And if you want to, melt the chocolate either in a micro wave oven or using the bain marie method.
E E Dip your marzipan and if you want to, decorate with a nut.
マジパンをチョコレートに浸して、ナッツでデコレートする。E E
Let the pralines rest in a cool place (but not the fridge! Never put chocolate in the fridge!!), until the chocolate has stiffened. And you’re done! These treats are perfect give away candies and one of these + a cup of good coffee can make your day =)

7 thoughts on “The ultimate Christmas Treat – Homemade Marzipan 完璧なクリスマスお菓子:手作りマジパン

  1. Toronto has people from almost every nationality. Nearby is a Danish Pastry shop, so today we tried marzipan for the first time. It was very good. Thank you for showing it on your blog! (And, I also asked my mom if I could find it in one of the local Greek pastry shops. She says she hasn’t seen it, but has heard of people making something similar at home.)

    1. Oh that’s nice, I’m happy you liked it! The Danes are the best when it comes to making many sweets and pastries. If you would happen to visit Copenhagen some day I would recommend you to visit the Summerbird shop. That brand has the most delicious marzipan imaginable. Also, in Denmark they make a special kind of cookie called Kransekager which is sort of like baked marzipan – also very tasty! Maybe your local shop has that too =)

      It’s interesting to hear though that after all Marzipan is only traditionally eaten in European countries. It’s not until in recent years that I’ve realized that it’s not a global phenomena (it’s so good so it ought to be everywhere I thought =) ). But it’s really nice that you can get it at your local Danish baker. I wonder what Canadian cookies I’m missing out on here in Sweden…

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