Hello Winter ハロー冬

This year’s winter is like that of a fairytale. Just when the Christmas feeling set in in the beginning of December, it got instantly cold and started snowing. It has snowed since, and the deep cover of powder snow on the landscape is really making the Christmas spirit even more enjoyable. It’s snowing all the time, moderately. Slow snowflakes circling down from above making everything look like the perfect Christmas card. I’m enjoying winter more than ever!
今年の冬はおとぎ話のようだ。クリスマスの雰囲気が来たばかり十二月の初旬に、雪が急に降り始めた。その後ずっと振っているまま、クリスマス気分をもっと面白くする風景を積雪になった。降り続く雪の一片はとてもゆっくり空から飛んできて、世界を完璧なクリスマスカードに見えるようにする。かつてないほど冬を楽しんでいる!E E E E E EE EE E

4 thoughts on “Hello Winter ハロー冬

    1. Thank you so much, that makes me really happy to hear! We had this wonderful snowfall the last couple of weeks that is just perfect. The flakes are big and falling slowly, in a really picturesque way. It’s really pretty and I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts =) I’ll keep my fingers crossed for snow fall in Toronto!

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