Advent Calendar アドベントカード(クリスマスカレンダー)

This year my sister and I decided to give each other an Advent calendar. Quite a ambitious project it was. We could spend around 100 euros each and yesterday was the time to swap them. It’s really nice to have a gift to open every day! I wonder what I’ll get tomorrow =)
I’ve said it before, and well this autumn I’m knitting socks like crazy. Obviously, there are some knitted things in my sisters calendar as well =)
While having dinner at my dear friend Marie’s place on Friday, she prepared a small calendar for her boyfriend, containing various treats. After finishing we had fruits with chocolate. Just take your favourite fruits, chop ’em up, add chocolate and put in the oven. Serve with ice cream or yoghurt. Good stuff!
EWe also made lasagna, with aubergine. What a beautiful vegetable, and tasty too! Not that it has anything to do with calendars, but still… Well, now I gotta go to sleep, so I can wake up and open number 3!

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