November Helsingborg 11月のヘルシンボリ

This weekend I went to visit my dear friend Ulrika’s hometown Helsingborg. It’s located in the south of Sweden, just by the sea. I was surprised about what a city it actually is. It has plenty of green areas and most of all it is full of interesting buildings. Whole blocks of amazing art nouveau architecture, castles from the 18th century and small cute old houses in the Danish style that I like so much. All in all, the city had a great atmosphere, and I can’t wait to go there in summer when it is supposed to be even nicer. 今週末Ulrikaちゃんの地元ヘルシンボリに行った。南スウェーデンの海辺の、驚いたほど素敵な町だ。公園やほかの緑地がいっぱいで面白い建物がどこにもあった。アール・ヌーヴォー建築建物ばかりのブロックや18世紀からの城、私が大好きなデンマークっぽい小さな可愛い家。全面的に、ヘルシンボリ町の雰囲気がとてもよかった。しかも、夏にもともいいらしい!

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