Good stuff: Body shop’s Shimmer Cubes and Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour いい奴:ザ・ボディ・ショップのシマーキューブとデリップシャスシアーリップカラー

For my birthday I got make-up from my sister. It’s really great to get stuff like that as a gift. I always feel a bit guilty when I spend money on make-up otherwise, thinking that there should be something better to use them on, but receiving is great =). I really like using eye shadow. Almost all my friends thinks it’s complicated and don’t use it at all. For me, it’s a mandatory part in my daily make-up routine. And I almost always go for pink/bronze or brownish/grey. Those are the colors I think fit best for a blond blue eyed boring girl like me. I wish I could wear coral, turquoise and other interesting colors but I’ve given that up =)
Anyhow, my sister got me this great Shimmer Cube from Body Shop (color “Varm, 06”) and it’s really great! Easy to apply, endless of combination possibilities and still looks great after a day at work or school.
I also got a really nice lip color, Delipscious Sheer Lip Color (color “Sheer Lychee, 01”). It’s very neutral and is more like a lip balm, not sticky but keeping the lips from getting dry. It’s supposed to contain very natural ingredients too, like berries and stuff – max like!

This bangle, shaped like a leaf (or a feather?) I did get for myself. Only 5 euros from the Swedish brand Indiska. I love everything shaped like leaves…

2 thoughts on “Good stuff: Body shop’s Shimmer Cubes and Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour いい奴:ザ・ボディ・ショップのシマーキューブとデリップシャスシアーリップカラー

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