Pumpkin Tempura and Snickers 2.0 南瓜天ぷらとスニッカーズ2.0

Yay, more autumn pictures! Well, I can’t help it. Everytime this autumn light is caught by something great, I automatically reach for the camera =) And well, autumn, I continue to just enjoy it. The other week I harvested this year’s yield of kabocha pumpkins. I only go three, but it’s better than nothing. I made this delicious tempura from it, and some other veggies. Making tempura is really like refining vegetables into their best state! And as for the kabocha, it beats all pumpkins since it has a dryer not so juicy character, compared to for example butternut.

Last week I also tried this awesome recipe of snickers. I’ve done easy snickers before, where you basically just cook some peanut butter, some cornflakes and syrup and stuff in a saucepan, and then cover with chocolate. This version however, is definitely snickers 2.0, with marshmallow fluff, toffee and chocolate in different layers. And yes – they are as good as they look!
Tomorrow it’s my birthday. I’ve made cake, brownies and will also treat my guests these snickers. I hope they will be satisfied =)

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