Autumn garden and pumpkin gnocchi 秋の庭とか南瓜ニョッキ

Oh I like autumn, I really do! The leaves are red and yellow, and so is my parents’ house! (My dad just changed the wood around windows and doors from blue to yellow). My bonsais are in autumn mood, the apples are falling off the trees. Yes, it’s October.

I read about this pumpkin gnocchi recipe some weeks ago, and I’ve been longing to make it. Now it’s possible to find nice orange pumpkins in almost every super market and my mum bought one this weekend. I roasted it in the oven and made a rather nice and simple gnocchi dish with garlic, chanterelles, sage, parsley, parmesan and olive oil. The pumpkin taste was almost unrecognisable but I think it contributed a lot to the nice moist character of the gnocchi. Now, I’m off to school work as usual. I have to read a report about Masdar, which is interesting but at this point I’d just really rather sleep =)

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