Skellefteå in autumn colors 紅葉のシェレフテオ

Since my boyfriend got a job opportunity in Skellefteå, a remote town far north of Sweden, just by the polar circle, I went visit him this weekend. Skellefteå is actually quite nice and the fact that the river flows through the town makes it really dynamic. Also, by the church there’s a small village of wooden houses. These were used back in the days when going to church was mandatory, since it would be impossible to walk an entire day to church without somewhere to stay for the farmers in the neighbourhood. The village is called Bonnstan and is today owned by private owners. Picturesque, don’t you think?
Other than Bonnstan I guess there weren’t too many obvious tourist attractions in Skellefteå, maybe besides from the city museum. But other than that it was a nice town with small neat spots to discover here and there, like an old church, beautiful houses or just good views.

The only sad part about my trip is that it rained the entire time. And now I’m off to write about storm water collection in Melbourne. I guess Australia has other problems than Sweden when it comes to rain… And by the way, look at the color patterns in the houses below. People’s sense of aesthetics doesn’t really change that much over time.

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