Fit for fight ファイト準備

Sometimes I think I must be crazy. A couple of weeks ago I signed up for a kickboxing competition again, and it’s tomorrow! And not only is it extremely nerve-wrecking to attend it – the preparations are also horrible. First of all, I had to get some new gear. My old leg protections are totally broken, so getting new ones was the only option. It’s really fun that they are named Kenka, which means basically quarrel in Japanese =) Also, my boyfriend thinks they look like something a stormtrooper would wear ^_^But worse that spending a lot of money on gear, I had to loose some weight to get into my weight class this time (I gained 4 kilos in Germany, but it was good times indeed!). I thought it would be no problem to deal with it for two weeks but somehow my metabolism didn’t agree. So, here I am, doing what so many martial artists have done before competing: being on a horrible diet the day before the match. I haven’t eaten anything since lunch and all I’ve drunk is a glass of water. Apart from that, I can’t consume anything until 9 tomorrow. But after that, when we’ve gotten weighed we can eat what ever until the match starts some hours later. So, I’ve prepared a little storage of yummie things to endulge in around 9 am tomorrow. Apricots, nuts and a snickers. Oh how I’m waiting to dig in!

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