Autumn second hand knits 秋古着屋ニット

The autumn is approaching, quickly. At least here in Gothenburg. I was talking a promenade at a beautiful graveyard nearby and the leaves were already falling…秋が近寄ってくる、速く。せめて、ヨーテボリに。この間近くのきれいな墓地で散歩したら、葉っぱはも散り行った。。。
Anyhow. For autumn you need tea and knit sweaters and cardigans. This late summer I’ve picked up a few knits, all of them second hand. Cosy times ahead!
Second hand knit cardigan from Acne (bought at the shop Vintage in Gothenburg) ヨーテボリのVintageという古着屋さんからの中古Acne製ニットカーディガン
Second hand knit sweater from Atmosphere via eBay。
Second hand knit sweater poncho, no brand  (bought at the shop Vintage in Gothenburg) ヨーテボリのVintageという古着屋さんからの中古ノーブランドニットカセーターポンチョ

3 thoughts on “Autumn second hand knits 秋古着屋ニット

    1. Hi Amy,
      That’s so nice! What are you studying? The shop is located at Storgatan 35. I hope you can find something you like there! If you want to I could recommend more second hand shops =)

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