Transition times 移行期

September is a nice month in many aspects. The weather is good for wearing typical transition clothes; outfits with a somewhat autumny feeling but with still showing some skin. Two new articles in my wardrobe this late summer is a loose knit top from mango and a casual grey melange skirt from Topshop. Comfy, loose and a bit summery but at the sametime colors that go well with the approaching fall. I like these times, they bring possibilities.

Also, please observe the shelf I put together from wine boxes I got from Matthias. I stole the idea from him, although he didn’t keep shoes in his =)
ちなみに、このMatthias君にもらったワンボックスから作った棚を見てください。アイデアを彼に盗んだけど、Matthiasの場合は靴がおいていないよね =)

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