Bonsai summer days 盆栽夏の日

A couple of weeks ago we brought my German friends to the summer house. It was a fine summer day and I took the opportunity to collect a new bonsai, another juniper. The last juniper I took died, so this time I wanted to wait a bit to write about it until I’d know for sure that it’d survive.
It’s very convenient to take trees among the cliffs on the shore. First of all, they are already naturally small and thick due to the weather condition. But also, I don’t need to feel bad about taking them because there’s no chance they’d get big and turn into huge trees there.
The only downside about cliffs is that some trees are impossible to get out. There are plenty of beautiful perfect little bonsais that just won’t move.
ただ、崖の間から取るのは無理な完璧な木がいっぱいある。もったいないなあ。。。Oh, and I was wearing my new summer sneakers that I got off the sale. ちなみに、セールで買った新しい夏スニーカーを履いていた。
After spending the day at the island we had great dinner at a restaurant by the lake. I had perch, nom nom nom…
And here’s the juniper, do you think it will turn out to be a good bonsai? これ、とったビャクシンだ。どう思う、いい盆栽になれるの?

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