Cooking for cousin: Creamy menthe tea 従姉妹料理:クリームミントティー

In dark evenings, that are coming sooner than we know it, it’s great to have a warm soothing drink to sip. Hot chocolate is great, but contains a lot of sugar and also calories for those who want to avoid them. Cafe Latte prevents a good night’s sleep. So, the perfect option for a creamy warming evening drink is Creamy Menthe tea. It might sound unhealthy but really isn’t, and it’s very easy to make. I prefer to use almond milk or soy milk. I think that Rice milk would work just as well and probably normal milk too, but going vegan on this one even adds to the freshness. Also menthe is said to able to calm an upset stomach, so people with that bother might want to give this a try!

You need 材料:
– 1 serving of Rooibos tea leaves in a tea-strainer 一人分のロイボスティー、茶こし器に入れたまま。
– Half a cup of soymilk/almond milk/rice milk/regular milk 豆乳かアーモンドミルクか普通のミルクを半分のカップ
– 1 teaspoon of honey 蜂蜜を茶さじを一つ
– 5-10 (the more the better) menthe leaves, fresh or dried   5から10ミント葉っぱ、フレッシュかドライどっちでもオッケー

Boil half a cup of water and the Rooibos tea leaves. It’s supposed to soak for about 10 minutes; you’ll want it to be strong. Meanwhile, add the menthe leaves to the milk in a saucepan and bring to a boil on a low heat. Let simmer for about 10 minutes, after which you remove the leaves with a fork. Add the honey and stir. Remove the tea-strainer and add almost all of the milk, leave about a tablespoon in the sauce pan. Whip the last remaining table spoon to a foam and add to the top of the drink. Garnish with a fresh menthe leave. Drink and enjoy while warm!

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4 thoughts on “Cooking for cousin: Creamy menthe tea 従姉妹料理:クリームミントティー

  1. hej!
    im Hina.
    came Gothenburg last week from Tokyo,
    and i’ll spend a few more month.
    this blog is really interest and looking forward your next post!

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