New Stuff/新しいこと; Looking Good Feeling Good

As you might have noticed I’ve added a little category to my blog; Looking good, Feeling good. The reason for doing this is that nutrition, exercise and also make-up products interest me and take up quite some of my spare time. Being a vegetarian since the age of 11 I’ve always been told over and over again how I need to eat the right veggies to replace the proteins I miss by not eating meat. And, practicing kickboxing, even competing sometimes, I’m constantly trying to work out and eat as proper things as possible to stay in shape. And make-up, that’s just a fun and enjoyable part of my daily routine. One might ask what make-up and nutrition has to do with each other, but I think that no one has failed to hear about connections such as that eating fish and vegetables improves your skin etc. etc.

Furthermore, my cousin (yes, the one I cook for) has been nagging a bit about that I should post more “health” related posts to keep her motivated and give her ideas. Also, during vacation I gained 4 kilos (;_;). I don’t consider myself in direct need of losing weight, but I don’t like the thought of having to buy a whole collection of new jeans and most of all I want to get back to my true weight class in kickboxing. It sucks to have to try and lose weight before competitions, so I just want my good old stable weight back. Well, since I spend so much time researching these matters I might as well give blogging about it a try =)

Firstly though, I’d like to explain how I strive to take care of my physical and mental health. When it comes to choosing what to eat, I’m as you know a vegetarian and sometimes I eat fish. Besides from that I’m not doing any specific diet, I’m not into LCHF or any other stuff like that. I think that when you try to improve yourself it’s important to know what boundaries and goals you have. What are you willing to sacrifice, how do you want to live? I’m not convinced by the low carb diets, although I know it works for some. I see my body like a machine that needs different matters to function. And the body is smart. The bodies we walk in were designed to and survived the ice age, starving periods, extreme heat – you name it. A happy body is one that gets all the nutrients it needs to function. Therefore I don’t believe in dieting by cutting out meals and starve yourself on purpose. Doing that, the body will go into protection mode, trying to use as little energy as possible and wanting to keep all the fat it can. However, if you eat a range of foods and make sure to get all the nutrients, minerals and stuff you need, the body will think “Hey, I get a continuous flow of all the ingredients I need to function perfectly, there’s no need for me to carry around that extra fat, bothering my bones and joints”. Having enough of all you need and eating regularly will increase your metabolism and your body will get in shape. Of course, there are ways of boosting this process and some foods that are better than others, but more about that later. Also, some things are of course worse than others, like processed meat, but more about that later too. When it comes to mental health, I am of the meaning that you should not cut out on what you enjoy just because you’re into some kind of diet. For example, you know that I love cookies and cake. I love baking and eating. So there’s no chance I’d stop eating that even though it’s not very healthy. Cake is healthy for my brain and soul, so I need it just as much as vitamins! Same thing goes for alcohol, many people who live healthy just cut it out. But for me it’s a social think I really enjoy, and seriously how could I survive without a class of good wine or weissbier once in a while?

Well, if you’re not interested in this kind of matters, don’t worry I’ll still be blogging about Swedish nature, Japanese clothes and all the other stuff. And, I’ll try to post recipes as often as I can to go with my “health” posts and maybe also some make-up reviews. Well well, we’ll see what comes out of this =)

すでに気づいてくれたかもしれないけど、新しいLooking good, Feeling goodというカテゴリーを加算した。その理由は栄養や運動、メイク商品に興味があるし、そのことについてよく読んだり、研究している。11歳の時からベジタリアン(たまに魚を食べる)でいつもいつも何回でもたんぱく質の代わりの正しい野菜を食べなくちゃ駄目といわれた。後、クックボクシングをやって、しかも試合にたまに出るため強くなって間とした食べ物を食べようとしている。そして、メイクはただ面白くて毎日習慣の一つの臭味だ。メイクと栄養はどういう関係かと考えるかもしれないけど、野菜や魚を食べると肌がきれいになるなどの事実は常識になったそうだ。



まあ、このような話題に興味ない読者は心配しないで。もちろん、スウェーデンの自然、日本の服などのことについても書く意思がある!で、健康のポストを書くと出来るだけレシピーも教えようとします!あとは、化粧についても書く予定だから、大丈夫かな?まあ、何とかなるだろう =)

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