The big party 盛大なパーティー

I’ve just spent a week at my parents’ place. A couple of days ago my dad celebrated his 70th birthday, and all my siblings were home to join the party. My brother has got two children and every time they are around most of the time is spent playing with them. Which I don’t mind, since they are just adorable!
一週間を実家に過ごしたことから変えたとこです。父親は70歳になって兄弟はみんな家に祝いしに帰った。兄は子供が二人で会う時いつもその二人と遊ぶことになる。超可愛いから全然構わない:)My dad turned 70, my brother turned 35 this year and my nephew is just a couple of months old. 35 years between every relative, neat =)
父は70歳になって、兄は35歳に今年なった、甥は生まれたばかり。世代の間35年間だって。My sister and I. And observe my new A.P.C dress. Well, it’s not new; it’s from eBay – never the less new for me!
私と姉。で、私の新しいA.P.Cワンピース。まあ、eBayで買ったが私にとって新しい!Birthday time means birthday cake. I made a peach and raspberry cake which I’m quite pleased with, to be honest.
This week has been filled with other activities, most of them very summery. Like garden barbeque, visiting the summer house, gardening etc. Tomorrow though I’m going to Germany to spend 10 days with friends there. It will be fabulous and I hope that there some Swedish summer left once I get home.

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