Longed for Jersey Suits Jacket 憧れジャージ・スーツ・ジャケット

The last, I don’t know, 6 months or so I’ve been a bit obsessed with the thought of getting a grey melange jersey suit jacket. Some of my friends had to suffer through this during shopping days when we have gone through basically every shop looking for something that seemed not to exist. Sometimes I found something similar, but there was always something wrong, like that it wasn’t relaxed enough but tight instead, strange lining or a weird color. However, checking out the sale the other week with Ulrika, I found exactly what I’ve been looking for! This awesome Filippa K jacket is just perfect. It was on sale but still a bit expensive, but I guess that when you’ve been looking for ages there’s nothing to do but to buy it once you find it =)
半年前くらいから混合物グレー(その言葉実際に存在しているの?)のジャージスーツジャケットをずうっと買いたかった。友達と買い物したら、いつも見つけずすべての店で探しに行って、私はちょっと邪魔になったと思うけど:)とにかく、いい形と色を一切にも見つけられなかった。しかし、先週Ulrikaちゃんとセールで買い物した時に、ずうっと探していたジャケットを結局見つけたぞ!この素敵なFilippa Kのものだ。セールだったのに少し高かったけど、まあ、長い間超欲しいものだったら、見つけると買うしかないだろうね =)

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