Cooking for cousin: Tofu Steak 従姉妹料理:豆腐ステーキ

Here we go! My first recipe in my cooking for cousin series – hurray! It’s Tofu Steak, a very common Japanese dish. It’s very easy and has a great taste that you could almost imagine in a Japanese Izakaya (=bar). Also, tofu is one of the best vegetarian protein sources and is in general just very healthy so this dish is just good in all aspects. If you need any help with the ingredients, check my previous post!

You’ll need 材料:
(For Preparation) (準備の)
– I package of silken firm tofu (often comes in 350 gram packs) 豆腐を350グラムぐらい
– 2 tablespoons of Japanese soy sauce  醤油を大さじを2個
– 0,5 deciliters of wheat flour 小麦粉を50ミリぐらい
– Spring onions or leek にらねぎや長ネギ
– A chunk of fresh ginger (about a centimeter or two) 生しょうがを一か二センチぐらい
– 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 野菜油を大さじ2個
(For sauce) (ソース用)
– 3 tablespoons of soy sauce 醤油を大さじを3個
– 2 tablespoons of cooking sake 料理酒を大さじ2個
– 1 tablespoon of mirin みりんを大さじ1個

Those are all the ingredients you need! And now, the very quick and easy way to cook the tofu steak:
Take the tofu out of the box and wrap it in a couple of layers of kitchen paper. You do this to remove the water. Let rest while preparing the topping. This you do by chopping the leek or spring onion finely and grating the ginger chunk. Turn on the heat of on your frying pan to medium heat. If you use too high, the sauce will burn and evaporate. While waiting for the pan to get warm, unwrap the tofu and cut it. I prefer to cut it in these triangular shapes, but dice shapes are easier to fry – try what you feel seems the best! Pour soy sauce over the pieces of tofu and make sure all tofu pieces are coated on all sides in a thin layer of soy sauce. Dip each side of each piece in the wheat flour and put them in the frying pan and begin to fry the pieces of tofu on all sides until gently golden brown. While waiting for them to get done, mix the sauce ingredients in a separate bowl. Once the tofu looks golden and nice, pour the sauce over them in the pan and immediately remove from the heat and transfer the pieces into a serving dish. Add some of the sauce that remains in the frying pan with a spoon around the tofu pieces (not on top!). Add the leek/spring onion and ginger for topping. Tada – ready to eat!

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