Summer treasures 夏の宝物

How come, that the most basic and fundamental vegetable for Swedish people, that most of them eat every day and that costs almost nothing, feels so special when you harvest them yourself? I love new potatoes, and the ones my dad grows are always the best. I really enjoy taking them up from the earth, digging for more and hoping to find as many as possible under every plant. It’s like digging after gold. And sure, they do taste much better than potatoes do other times of the year. I try my best to use them in as many dishes as possible during summer.
なぜ、スウェーデンのもっとも一般的な、スウェーデン人がほとんど毎日食べる、しかも超安いジャガイモという食事を自分で収穫すると急に特別に感じはじまるんだろう?新ジャガが本当に大好きで父親が育ったのはいつも一番美味しい。土から手でとって、緑の下にイモがいっぱい待っている期待の気持ちが最高。金鉱探しみたい。で、確かに、ほかの季節より夏のイモは一番うまい。出来るだけ料理する時使えるように頑張る。Another golden edible during summer is the chanterelle. Fried in butter and served on a good bread it’s just so delicious! They take ages to clean though, Tomoya helped in the garden.
ほかの金の夏の食べ物はアンズだけ。バターで焼いてパンの上で食べると最高!ただ、拾ったらきれいにするのは非常に時間かかる。だから、彼氏に庭でやらした。Also during summer the bonsais are flourishing. They don’t look too good yet, but who knows, in a couple of years they might! This year I try to let them grow long without cutting them. The reason for doing this is that if you cut the branches all the time they won’t get thick quickly. So, by letting them grow and then cutting, you can get more robust looking trees. I know, it sounds like I’m just being lazy, but apparently that’s how it supposed to work. My dad also built a bonsai bench for my little trees. My mum’s citrus trees can join them as well. I think it looks kind of neat. And some of my trees, especially the beech is looking quite promising.
Time is moving so quickly and I want it to be summer for ever. I’ll just have to try to enjoy it while it’s here.

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