Swedish midsummer dream スウェーデンのミッドサマーの夢

The way to celebrate traditional midsummer is to dress a Maypole in flowers, dance around it and eat good food. My friend Linn’s relatives take this tradition very serious and for the third time I went to join them by a small Swedish summer cottage.
First we need to collect flowers, loads of flowers. The Swedish country side is at its best in June and the lupins are just adorable. I like this tamed but wild, old fashioned type of environment and you can find it in almost every part of Sweden.
最初は花を集めるのは必要。いっぱい。スウェーデンの田舎は六月に一番きれいでルピナスが美しい。この昔風、ワイルドが手なずけられた環境がとても好き。スウェーデンのどこでも見つけられるし。After gathering flowers we attach them to the pole and raise it. After that, it’s time for dancing around it =)

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