Playing with paper origami cranes 折鶴の遊び

I really like origami and especially the cranes. They are relatively easy to fold, they look cute – and they bring luck. One question though, what do you do with the origami you folded? Throw it away? My boyfriend’s grandma make tenths of them every day and tuck them into jars, envelopes, boxes. If you look for something completely different in their house you’re likely to find a colorful crane – a nice surprise =) Well, the other day I went to my niece to do some origami. I had bought some small gem stones and ribbons as well so we could pimp them a bit. I made a bunch and turned them into these crazy little decorations. I don’t know if I like it or if it’s just too much, but at the moment I think they’re kind of cute.
My cousin who just moved into a new apartment and loves everything Japanese, flowery, pink and crazy was the perfect person to donate these cranes to. And, putting them in a nice Japanese box at least she gets something that she can use as well =)

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