Elements of summer; Sale and Poppies 夏の成分:セールとポピー

I have been looking forward to the summer sale for a long time now. And I must say, it started off very good. This weekend I found these lovely, dusty pink/beige suede Repetto ballet flats. They are so comfortable and cute and they were 75% off! And, if you watch closely you can see that there’s glitter on the edge of the shoes – I don’t think I could have found a better bargain! The sale seasons are the best of the year because there are so many nice things to buy, even if people go crazy and it might be hard to find specific things on the sale, there’s always something you’ll want. And I love buying high quality clothes on the sale that I know will last longer. For example, I rarely buy underwear if it’s not during the sale. A bra from H&M for example, break or get twisted after having been washed for some time, and still costs around 15 euro. During the sale, you can find really good brand underwear that originally cost 60 euro but for half the price that last 10 times longer than the cheap stuff. Sometimes I wonder why people buy clothes when it’s not sale time. I know for certain that as the student I am, it would be impossible to own most of the clothes in my closet if it weren’t for eBay, sale season and second hand shops. Hurray for the sale!
数ヶ月間、サマーセールを楽しみに待っている。始まったばっかりでいいスタートになった!週末に、この素敵なピンクなベージュスエードRepettoバレィ・フラットシューズを見つけた。とても履き心地がいいし可愛くて、75パーセントオフだった!しかも、よく見れ ば、端にキラキラがる。最高のバーゲンだ!セールの季節は一番いいと思う。みんなが夢中になって、特定の商品が見つけにくいかもしれないけど、いつも何か いい、欲しくなるものは必ずある。特に、長く使える品質のいいものを安く買うのが好き。たとえば、下着をセールでしかほとんど買わない。H&Mなどの安い店で買うブラジャーは早く壊れて、洗う時に形が変になってしまうのに2000円ぐらいかかる。セールだとい い店で10倍長く使える元値段は8000円高級ブランドのブラジャーを半額で買える。なぜ、セールじゃない時に人々が服を買うの、ってたまに考えてしまう よ。特に、学生として、私が持っている服のほとんどはEbayやセールの季節、古着屋がなかった場合、持つのは絶対無理だ。セールのために万歳!Besides from the summer sale, one of my other favorite celebrations to the summer is the salmon pink poppies that bloom in my parents garden right now. They are just lovely!

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