A walk at Kungsholmen ストックホルムのKungsholmenで散歩

The other day I had some business in Stockholm to take care of. Finishing them in the early afternoon I had the rest of the day to lazy around, waiting for Tomo to get off work. Since the weather was fabulous I started walking to the central station from Kungsholmen, along the water. It was a wonderful promenade indeed and once again I’m struck by how beautiful Stockholm is in summer.
この間ストックホルムに用事があった。昼の少し後に完成できたので、彼氏の仕事が終わる夜まで暇だった。天気がとても良くてKungsholmenからストックホルムのセントラルまで海岸伝いに散歩することにした。最高の散歩だった!いつものように、夏のストックホルムがきれいのことを思い出させる。After finishing my walk I sat down at the best café in Stockholm, maybe the best in Sweden actually, Vete-Katten (which I have praised before), for a cake, a café latte and James Clavell’s Shogun. Pistachio, samurai adventures and coffee – what a great combination!

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