Hello nautical striped dress! ハロー、セーラーっぽいストライプのワンピース

ImageI got a parcel today, from Asos. It contained this awesome dress that I purchased a week or two ago. It fits so well into my casual but office acceptable loving wardrobe. Plus, it was on sale, despite its summery look. If autumn is tartan skirts and woolen socks then summer is nautical dresses.今日は包みをゲットした。中身は先週Asosで買った下記のワンピースだ。私のカジュアルと同時にオフィスで使えるスタイルととても合う。しかも、夏っぽくてなのに、セールだった!タータンチェックスカートとウールソックスは秋の服だったら、夏の服は絶対ネービー系のワンピースだと思う。ImageAnd not to be forgotten, accessories and shoes. The shoes are from eBay, supposedly and I do actually believe they are real, D&G’s and the ribbon is from Japan. Now awaits a week and a half of intense exam studies. Well, at least I can do it in a cute outfit!

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