Swedish plum flowers スウェーデンの梅花

The Swedish plum blossoms look a bit different from the Japanese ones. They always come in white, but they are quite beautiful anyway, like pearls on threads. And besides, they give the promise of plums for making umeshu in autumn =)
スウェーデンの梅花と日本のは少し違っている。こっちのはいつも白いけど、結構きれいだと思う。真珠みたいに。しかも、梅の花の意味は秋に梅と梅酒が来ることでしょう。This weekend I repotted my bonsai. I cut a lot of roots on some of them, and I really hope that they can survive the change. It’s strange how slow they change, my small little tress. But at the same time, this spring I haven’t had much time for them so it’s quite a good thing. Yes, if I leave them for a couple of months, it wont be a disaster. I know people say that bonsai breeding is only for people with patience, but I’d say it’s the opposite. If you’re like me, that you do something intensely for a month or two, and then kind of forget about it just to go back to it half a year later bonsai are perfect! This blog post really makes me keen on getting a plum bonsai though…

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