Walpurgis night ヴァルプルギスの夜

On April the 30st it’s Walpurgis Night. It’s a northern European traditional spring festival and in Sweden you celebrate it by lighting a bon fire and partying. Especially in the student towns, such as Uppsala where I spent my Walpurgis (or Valborg as we call it) become huge festivals and the students take over the streets, having picnics, drinking, playing games and doing barbeque. Just like cherry blossom parties in Japan!
四月三十日はヴァルプルギスの夜です(スウェーデン語でValborg)。北ヨーロッパの伝統的な春祭りで、スウェーデンではかがり火やパーティーで祝う。特に学生町(私は学生町ウップサラでヴァルプルギスを過ごした)がデッカイ祭りになって、学生たちは道や公園でピックニックをしたり、飲んだり、ゲームをやったり、バーベキューをしたりする。花見みたい!ニョッキゲーム=) Playing Japanese games =)
And Swedish games…そしてスウェーデンのクッブというゲーム。The weather on this Walpurgis was great and the trees have turned green in just a few days. It’s nice how the nature can just take over the grey concrete and asphalt with its alluring flowers and leaves.

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