Peter Pan collar spring ピーターパン襟の春

This spring I have a special detail in my wardrobe that I particularly like; the Peter Pan collar. I don’t know why, but I can’t stop liking them. I guess I like the fact that the collar adds a special element of tidiness but at the same time a cuteness from their roundness. I want every single one of my outfits to include a Peter Pan collar and well, I’m slowly getting there. I have one t-shirt with a white collar on it that I wear under cardigans, pullover and dresses. Very smart, if I may say so.
今年の春はワードローブにある特に好きなものがたくさんある:ピーターパン襟です!なぜか分からないが大好き!たぶん、襟があるとちゃんとした感じがするが、形が丸いので可愛い。すべての毎日のアウトフィットにピーターパン襟を付けたいな。まあ、ほとんどそういう風になったけど。カーディガンやセーターの下にピーターパン襟のTシャツをよく着る。頭よくない?Also, I have some garments where the collar is already there, like this pink and navy pullover from Asos that I got in my mailbox the other day (yay!). It has a cute embroidered collar and I think it has a casual yet business feel about it.
後、襟がそのまま付けてある襟の服もある。たとえばこのピンクと青いこのあいだAsosから届いたセーター(イーエイ!)。刺しゅう入りの襟が可愛くてカジュアルな感じがしながらビジネスっぽい、と思う。And then there’s the third solution; a collar shaped necklace made of pearls. It’s wearable with a range of dresses and is perfect for parties, and sometimes school days. My Peter Pan collar spring is secured!
三代目のやり方はネックレース形の真珠練りです!多数のワンピースと合うし、パーティーに完璧。たまに学校でも使う。私のピーターパン襟春が保証されました!Also, a couple of other things that frequent my look at the moment are my patent loafers, over-knee socks (as usual) and the donut hairstyle. I know that the donut is seen everywhere on the streets nowadays, but still, it’s cute, easy and adds a lot of nonexistent volume – so I’ll keep doing it!

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