Rediscovering Gothenburg with Germans ドイツ人とヨーテボリの再発見

This weekend I had two of my beloved Germans over in Gothenburg for a short visit. It’s great to see them once in a while, and next time it’ll be my turn to go there. Imagine, it was 4 years ago that we met and still we do this thing, visiting each other a couple of times a year.

We didn’t do too much actually, although time passed very quickly. We went to parties, met up with other friends, went out dancing, visited the art museum and took walks in town. Hanging out and having a great time basically.
実際に、そんなにいっぱいことをやらなくて、今週末すごい速かった。パーティーに行ったり、ほかの友達と出会ったり、クラブで踊ったり、美術館に行ったり、町で散歩したりした。つまり、ゆっくり楽しい時間を過ごした。When you have guests, there’s always room for cookies for breakfast. We stayed 4 people in my tiny apartment, but if you have room in your heart then you will also find room in your home? Or as the Swedish version of the expression would be translated; “If there’s room in your heart there’s room for the arse”. Swedish is a brutal language.

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