Riga – Eating and Drinking リガ – 食べる・飲む

Riga has great food. Great and cheap. The beer is also cheap, but not so good. But there are plenty of places to buy imported brands so that wasn’t really a problem. The bars were cozy and there were plenty of Irish pubs.
One of the Latvian specialties I had was this pancake dish. It’s stuffed with smoked salmon and fried afterwards. Really tasty I must say!
One really nice restaurant and wine bar we went to was Tinto with really good coffee and excellent cheap food. The interior was very classy too, and I can’t understand that you’d get a fancy main course for only 5 euros at a place like this. Here’s the address; Elizabetes 61.
一つの凄くいいレストランはTintoというワインバーだった。食べ物やコーヒーがうまくて、安かった。内装も格好良くてこんあ高級な所であんなに安く食べられるのは少し理解できない。アドレスはElizabetes 61。
In central Riga there are Bergs Bazaars. It’s a little area with nice shops and cafés. We found a pub/beer shop that sold interesting good beer (my beer geek friends went all nuts) to bring home, but also just to drink in the store. I like the concept of merging a pub with a regular shop. We met a strange man there, named Igors. He told me about a place nearby where they sell excellent creme brulé. We went to get some, and then went back to the pub. Apparently, it’s OK to eat snacks you bring by yourself in Latvia. The brulé was fantastic.
リガの中心部にBergs Bazaarsという小さい面白い店がある道があった。パブやビールの店を見つけた。そこにビールの瓶が売られたし、現場でテーブルもあってそこでバーもなってた。ビールの種類がとても面白くて私のビールオタクの友達が超喜んでた。パブでIgorsという怪しい叔父さんに会った。近所に素晴らしいクレームブリュレが帰る喫茶店があることを教えてくれた。喫茶店に一緒に行って、ブリュレをパブに持ってそこで食べた。ラトビアでバーに自分の食べ物を持っていくのは普通らしい。ブリュレがありえないほど美味しかった。
I said earlier that RIga has great food. And yes it has, but much of the traditional Latvian food isn’t that impressive. It’s various ragus, stews and random mixes with a lot of grease. However, one thing that I really liked was the fried garlic rye bread that you get with every meal. It’s crunchy and very very good. Especially with beer.
Another nice pub that we visited was this, with a really nice interior as well. One of the paintings actually looked sort of like me. A bit freaky.
Steak House in Latvian seems to be Steiku Haoss, which totally sounds like a Japanification of the word. Kind of funny =)
ラトビア語でステイクハウスはSteiku Haossだそう。日本語っぽい!
Latvia is known for having good chocolate. One really good chocolatier in Riga is Emila Gustava. They have shops a little here and there, but at street Teatra Ieala the shop is also a café.
ラトビアの一つの名物はチョコレートだ。Emila Gustavaというメーカーがよかった。色々なところに店があったが、Teatra Iealaの店にカフェもあった。Another really nice cafe is the Kafka Cafe at street Valnu Iela. It’s inside a bookshop and has a great interior too. We sat there reading national geographic from the 70’ies, looking at pictures of animals that are now extinct.
ほかのいいカフェはKafkaカフェだった。本屋さんの中にあって、アドレスはここ::alnu Iela。カフェの中に座って、70歳代からのナショナル・ジオグラフィック読んで絶滅した動物の写真を見ながらコーヒーを飲んだ。
The best place we went to though I think was Charleston. We had excellent dinner and wine, great desert and most of all very good service. And it was almost too cheap. It’s situated at Blaumana 38 and I recommend anyone who visit Riga to pay it a visit.
行ったレストランとカフェの中一番いいのはCharlestonsだと思う。食べ物もワインもデザートも素晴らしかった。しかも、サービスが最高。で、もちろん信じられないほど安かった。アドレスはBlaumana 38 で機会があれば絶対に行ったほうがいい。
Yes, Riga is full of good bars and cafes and restaurants. Cakes are good, food is good and it’s all very cheap. For anyone who’d like a small trip to a new place I recommend going there, it will be worth it!

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