Riga – Architecture リガ – 建築

This weekend I went to a trip to Riga, Latvia’s capital, arranged by an association at my school. I was very impressed and surprised by the city. The architecture is dominated by jugend style (something that the people of Latvia are very proud of)  houses and plenty of churches and sculptures. The city has an old town that’s very cosy and full of cafe’s and bars. I took loads of pictures of course, and I will start with buildings and the city atmosphere.
A lot of building including the one above were destroyed during world war 2 but rebuilt in the 90’s. It’s weird to imagine as well that Latvia was occupied by Soviet until 20 years ago. There are many monuments representing freedom and the people still go there to put flowers every day.
Almost no buildings lacked ornaments, in many cases angry faces, but in some also pretty sculptures. 彫像がない建物がほとんどなかった。鬼みたいなこった顔やきれいな彫刻が普通だった。
Although most buildings were brilliant there were plenty of houses that are in bad need of restoration, even some lying in the city center. We didn’t visit the suburbs so I have no idea how bad the state is of the houses outside town. 素敵な建物が多数だったのに修繕しなくちゃいけない建物でも結構あった、町の真ん中にも。しかも、郊外には行っていないからそこの建物の状況が分からないし。
Cats don’t have a problem finding somewhere to stay though.
More about food and such will come in later posts!

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