Killed by meat? 赤肉によって若死に

Today’s big news has been all over. Eating red meat will shorten your life drastically. I heard about it this morning and well, having been a vegetarian since the age of 11 I wasn’t very surprised – this isn’t exactly new information. However, reading an article right now, I was shocked to see the numbers. Scientists recommend people to eat red meat maximum 2-3 times a week and preferably no processed products. And the percentage that meat eating your risk of getting cancer or other lethal diseases – they were extreme! Well, I guess I’d better keep to my diet. What disappointed me though, as usual, was that the benefit that stopping eating meat has on the environment wasn’t mentioned at all. Well well, it will come I guess. Speaking of the environment, I bought plums today. In the middle of winter, they’re probably imported from somewhere far away. And they tasted like water. Not good for the environment and not so nice. Lesson learned.

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