People from Lund ルンドから人々

This weekend we had visitors from Lund, a town in the southern part of Sweden. My good old friend Linn brought her flatmates and friends up to Gothenburg for an exciting weekend with partying, sightseeing and great food.
We walked around town a lot and also visited the Göteborg Natural History Museum (Naturhistoriska). They have infinite amounts of displayed dead conserved animals, some extinct and some just incredibly huge. Like the whale for example that was found stranded close to Gothenburg in the 19th century. Some crazy scientist kept all the skin, made a model of the skeleton in wood and dressed it in the skin again. That very model is preserved, along with the real skeleton, at the museum. It’s quite creepy but fascinating as well. And then there’s the African elephant that was shot and brought home by a Swedish conservator in 1948. It’s humongous and very impressive.
But some of the small animals are just as impressive. Like this turtle, how inspiring isn’t this shell? I’d like a dress with this pattern.
The rest of the weekend was spent hanging around, taking walks, having cake and just enjoying the great weather and the sunshine. I hope the Lundanians will come back soon!

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