When the sun comes out 晴れると

When the sun comes out you tend to start discovering things that you haven’t been able to see the last couple of months due to the dark, gloomy weather and lack of light. Like the other day when the sun was shining brightly for the first time in months. I looked in the mirror, and saw that the foundation I usually use was way too dark. I sort of looked like a panda with two big dark (in this case orange ish) rings around my eyes and one around the nose. In normal indoor light it’s not noticeable but in clear sunshine daylight it looked not very nice. The problem was though that I usually have Body shop’s lightest kind of foundation, and now when my skin has turned so white during winter, they don’t have any product that’s light enough for me. It was a real pity, since I like Body shop and the fact that they don’t test their make up on animals. So, desperate I went to a quite pricy shop in Gothenburg where they only sell high brand make up just to get some advice. I ended up at Laura Mercier counter, a brand that I have actually never heard of before. I got extremely good help from a very nice shop clerk that redid all my make up and even did eye shadow, lip stick and everything although I was just looking for foundation. I left the shop looking like a movie star. Plus, I found the perfect foundation and also a very good primer that makes my gloomy skin look a bit happier. So far I’m so pleased with the products and they are much better than bodyshop, and they are also not tested on animals. The price though, was higher, the foundation costed around twice as much as Bodyshop. However! When I came back and read on my old foundation package I saw that it contains only half the amount as the new one. So, it’s actually the same price for both foundations only Laura Mercier is much better!晴れると、暗くてうっとうしい長い冬には見る事のできなかったことを発見し始める傾向がある。たとえばこの間、数ヶ月ぶりに晴れた時、私は鏡に映った自分の顔を見て、ファンデーションが暗すぎることが分かった。パンダみたいに目と鼻の周りが暗い(実際はオレンジ)色に見えた。部屋の中に居ると見えないが、窓から強い光が入ると本当に格好悪かった。でも問題は、普段私が使っているファンデーションはボディショップの一番明るいカラーであること。この冬、色白になった私の顔に合っている色がない。ボディショップの化粧品は良いし、動物実験をしない所が好きなので残念だった。それで必死になってヨーテボリにある高級な化粧品ブランドしか売らない店に相談をしに行った。色々見たが、結局、ローラ・メルシエというそれまで一度も聞いたことのなかったブランドのカウンターに行き着いた。凄くやさしいプロの店員さんが相談に乗ってくれた。ファンデーションだけ探していたのに、リップスティックやアイシャドーなどのすべての化粧をしてくれた。店を出た時、映画スターになった気分だった。しかも、完璧なファンデーションと凄くいいプライマーを見つけた。今のところ本当に満足している。実際、ボディショップの品物よりももっといい!しかも動物実験なしだもん。だけど値段に関して言うと、ファンデーションはボディショップより二倍ぐらい高かった。でも!家に帰って前使ったファンデーションの容器を見たらローラメルシエの方が二倍多く入っている!ということは、結局1リットルあたりの値段は同じで、ローラメルシエを使うともっときれいなるということ!
The shop clerk fixed my make up really nicely. I want to go there every day for advice…
Tuesday this week was “Semla day”. Swedes have many cake days and the semla day is probably the most popular. All January and February people eat loads of these wonderful pastries that are stuffed with marzipan and cream. Yum!

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