Marcel – Top Model Cat マルセルのトップモデル猫

My sister’s cat Marcel, who’s currently residing at my parents’ house in the countryside, I’m sure that in his previous life he was a prominent photo model. Most cats are hard to photograph. They move around, unless they are asleep that is, and when you see that perfect angle you never have time to push the trigger on the camera; they are already somewhere else and you’ll end up with a blurry picture. Marcel is different. When he moves, he does these little pauses in his movements, staying completely still, just for a couple of seconds – the perfect span for having the time to take a picture. He looks out the window for 5 seconds, having a distant look in his eyes as if he’s gazing dreamingly at the horizon. Then, he twitches his head in an other direction for another 5 seconds, intensely watching some object as if he’s ready to kill it any time. And before you know it, he’s sat down, starring frenetically at his paw for 5 seconds, before he starts cleaning it. Yes, he strikes pose after pose, just as if Tyra Banks would be his personal trainer.
私の姉の現在実家に暮らしているマルセルという猫は前世で著名なトップモデルだっただろう。普通の猫の写真は取りにくい。寝ていなければ、完璧な角度を見つける旬間、間に合わずカメラのボタンを押すの少し前猫がもう動いちゃった。しかし、マルセルが違います。動き途中、写真を一つ取れる丁度いい小さいじっとしている休憩をする。五秒ぐらい窓越して凝視してから、サッと頭の向きを変えて殺すの準備をしているように何かのものを見詰めている。そしていつの間にか、マルセルが座って、舐め始める前に足を凄く集中しながら見ている。そう、次々ポーズをとる。Tyra Banksの弟子だったみたいな感じで。

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