Sushi Resturant Nagano and Café Vete-Katten 寿司レストランナガノとカフェVeteKatten

I spent some time in Stockholm this weekend, experiencing some culinary treats. If you want to go to a very special cafe and happen to be in Stockholm, you should definitely pay Vete-Katten a visit. They have a beautiful traditional interior, nice staff and most of all extremely delicious pastries and sandwiches. It’s not far from Stockholm Central either, go there you wont be disappointed!
週末にストックホルムに行って、色々な調理法の経験を試した。面白くて特別なストックホルムのカフェに行こうとしたら、VeteKattenに絶対行ったほうがいいと思う。内部は伝統的できれい、スタッフが丁寧だし、でもそれよりもケーキやサンドイッチがとてもうまい。ストックホルムセントラルから遠くないし、行けば必ずがっかりしない。Me and Tomo also had lunch at a Japanese restaurant called Nagano. A nice Japanese lady greeted us behind the counter and all in all the place gave a good impression. However, the food wasn’t that good. The sushi rice was very salty and the gyoza was edible, but not more. Also, on my plate there were loads of oily cabbage salad, the kind you’d get with your pizza in Sweden. Quite a mismatch.
But now I’m back in Gothenburg, with the usual habits. Kickboxing, school, meeting up with friends, reading books. Could be worse. I got new boxing gloves the other day. They are awesome.

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