Hibernation 冬眠

The bonsais are hibernating, and to be honest I feel like doing the same. These gray, cold Sundays are nothing but agonizing. The Sunday boredom and light head ache are slowly digging in. I’ve spent the weekend at my parents’ place, hanging with the cats trying to find excuses to study. Eating cake, drinking tea. Somehow, after returning from Japan everything seems less exciting and I don’t really feel like blogging either. But I have some new pieces of clothing from Tokyo to show, maybe I can do that next week. And if you wonder how my challenge to not buy any new clothes worked out – I’m happy to say that I made it until Christmas which was my goal. After that I went to Japan, so I didn’t even plan on keeping my promise there. But actually, much of what I bought was from Japanese second hand shops. Well well, more of that next week.

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