Japanese suburbian architecture 日本の郊外建築

There are a lot of fantastic buildings in Tokyo. Skyscrapers that look incredible and flag stores of fancy brands that are designed beyond compare. But the Japanese suburbs are a bit different. I was very saddened by the Japanese suburbs when I first got there some years ago. But really, the more time I spend there the more I grow accustomed to it, and almost find it charming. Most apartment houses are built for function only, the design feels forgotten. The façade often constitutes of some cheap brick imitation or in many cases it’s just pure concrete. You wouldn’t see that often in Sweden, not at all I’d say. Just pure concrete houses where no one tried to cover the outside with paint or at least some more fancy looking concrete. Japanese suburbs are very industrial and practical. But then again, European houses can last for hundreds of years. We have old brick and wood houses that are beautiful and have their unique style and era. In Japan, an earthquake strikes and destroys it all every 50 years or so, so of course there’s a different way of constructing your houses. And well, in a sense charming, because it doesn’t only represent Japanese architecture but also Japanese culture in many aspects. At least that’s my opinion about it.

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