Meeting up with old friends 昔の友達と会う

This will be my last post written from Japan. I still have things to write about, and pictures I’ve taken to show, but I will have to report about that from Sweden because tomorrow I’m going home. The biggest point with this annual trip is to meet up with friends and family. The other day I met up with Yurika. We spent so much time together when she lived in Sweden and I miss her alot. We went to a nice café in Shinjuku called Brooklyn parlor. The entire café was full of books and magazines that one could borrow and read while enjoying the good coffee.
これは私の日本で書く最後のポストだ。まだまだ色々見せたい日本の話や写真があるけど、それはスウェーデンから報告するしかない。だって、明日帰るもん。この年に一回の日本の旅のポイントは友達や家族にあったりすることだ。この間、ゆりかさんと会った。彼女がスウェーデンに住んだころ、一緒に良く遊んでてとても恋しい。新宿のBrooklyn Parlorというカフェに行った。美味しいコーヒーを飲みながらカフェに凄くいっぱいあった本や雑誌を借りて読める。
Yesterday Tomoya and I also met up with an old friend of his, from junior high. He and his wife has a fruit farm in the middle of Tokyo and they are famous for their apples. They treated us dinner and their super cute son came along too. He was so happy and didn’t cry even once.
昨日私と彼氏は彼の中学校からの友達と会った。その友達と妻さんは東京の中で果物農園をやっている。リンゴはお勧めらしい。ディナーをおごっていただいた。二人の赤ちゃんも連れてきて、とても可愛かった!ずうっと元気で一回でもなかなかった。So, tomorrow I’m going. Well, I’ll be back next year so it doesn’t feel that bad. Also, I’ve bought way too many things and I’m looking forward to unpacking them in Sweden🙂

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