Food in Tokyo 東京でめし

This post is mostly for my mum. She orders pictures of Japanese food, and I like taking them. Wether other people like watching them though is unclear. First though I will tell a bit about a café, called Yellow Café,  we went to today in Harajuku, Tokyo. It was very cosy and had good food, and a tree was growing right through they building. Quite original. I’d recommend anyone who happens to be in the neighbourhood to pop by.
このポストはほとんど私の母親のためだ。母親は食べ物の写真が好きで私は取るのが好く。だけど、他人は見るのが好きかどうか分からないが。しかし、まずは今日行ったYellow Cafeという東京の原宿にあるカフェの話を少ししたい。凄く心地が良くて食べ物も美味しかった。しかも、建物の中、木がなっている。独創的だね。

So, here come’s all the food. Yesterday I went to an izakaya in Shinjuku to have dinner with my friends from the taekwon-do club I was in during my university days in Japan. It was great fun, and we had loads of nice food.

3 thoughts on “Food in Tokyo 東京でめし

  1. Hey, Sara! When you’re in Germany next time give me a heads-up because I’m not that spontaneous any more. Want to introduce you to my offspring! ; ) Cheers.

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