Tokyo shopping spree 東京で買い物まくること

Japan is the country of accessories. And you can easily find what you want in rather high qualities. Sure, the price is a bit higher, but if you are willing to pay a little more for getting something that last and looks pretty even after you’ve used it, you’re in the right place. I have this things for ribbons. I bought my absolute favourite hair accessory last year in Tokyo, a black simple ribbon ponytailer (what an awesome word btw!) which I use almost every day. Despite looking for similar ones on eBay and Swedish shops, everything I found looked quite cheap. So, finally back in Japan I updated my collection with other colors and also a little supplementary toilet bag with liberty print. Liberty print and ribbons – two good reasons to live! (Bought in interior design and accessory shop Afternoon Tea in Shinjuku, Tokyo)
日本はアクセサリーの国だ。しかも、好きなものをもう少しいい品質で簡単に見つけられる。値段は確かにちょっと高くなるが、何回でも使った後も可愛く見えて欲しいなら、価値はあると思う。私はリボンに目がない。私の一番大好きなヘアーアクセサリーは一年前東京で買った。大体毎日使っているシンプルな黒いポニーテール用のリボンだ。もっと種類があればいいなと思ったが、Ebayやスウェーデンの店で探しても、安っぽいものしか見つけられなかった。だから、日本にやっと戻ったら収集を増やす機会を捕まえた。リバティ・プリントの小さいバッグも買った。リバティ・プリントとリボンは二ついいの生きる理由!(上記のものはAfternoon Tea、東京の新宿店で買った)

Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Haruka in Shibuya, one of the big shopping districts in Tokyo. We just had to check out Shibuya 109, a big shopping mall full of shops with girly, japanese style clothes. Only, the sale just began and yesterday was the last day of the New Years holidays, so the entire tower was packed with crazy girls. It was impossible to move and you weren’t even able to get into some of the shops – that’s how packed it was. Haruka found a cute bag shaped like a book. Japanese fashion is inventive.
My favourite shop in Japan though is RagTag. They sell used brand clothes for very reasonable prizes. And, I found this Comme des Garcons vidogame pattern fair isle sweater. Didn’t buy it though, but again quite inventive.
しかし、私の一番好きな日本の店はラグタグです。ブランド洋服を売っている古着屋さん。渋谷店でこのComme des Garconテレビゲームがらのフェアアイルせータを見つけた。買わなかったが、これも少し独創的。In the evening we met up with more friends again for going to Izakaya and then Karaoke. I wish my apartment looked like the karaoke room.

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