New years in Japan 日本でお正月

Yes, it’s all about food. Good Japanese food. Besides from this toast with the cloudberry jam that my mum sent along. そう、食べ物についてだけです。うまい日本食。下記の母親が作ったムイイチゴジャム付けのトスト以外ね。We took a walk to the local super market the other day. I’m really impressed by these little random vegetable gardens that are squeezed in randomly in the suburban Japan. They are neatly taken care of and I imagine that the crops are tasty too.
この間近くのスパーに散歩してきた。日本の郊外のランダムな野菜の庭に感動する。ちゃんとしてあるし、たぶん野菜も美味しいよね。The super markets are full of colorful and amazingly cute rice cookies for the holidays. Walking around among all the groceries almost feels like being at an art exhibition.
At New Years eve it’s mandatory to eat soba noodles. Tempura goes well with them. 大晦日にもちろん蕎麦を食べた。天ぷらもうまいね。
For breakfast on the 1st it’s osechi time, Loads of seafood, pickled vegetables, meat and random stuff in a three floor box. Some things are really good, other not so…
At lunch we ate Ozouni. Soup with mochi (rice cake) and vegetables. This is my favourite New Years dish. Probably because I like Mochi so much =)
On the afternoon of the 1st we went to Tomos aunts house. She treated us huge amounts of delicious foods, such as sashimi, tempura, sushi and more. Also, she had made us these cute little starters with carrot and daikon salad inside an empty yuzu. I think it should be possible to do with lemons too.
Tomo’s aunt has got a dog. She is 15 years old, which translated into human years is 80. I was told. Tomo’s grandmother though, is 98, so she wins. These two old ladies were talking to each other a lot. They get along well.
Even if it’s not as cold as Sweden, Japan is far from warm at the moment. As many Japanese sit on the floor they have this brilliant invention which is called the kotatsu. Under the table there’s a small radiator. Covering the table with a thick cover makes it possible for everyone to stick their legs in and get warm and cosy.

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