Happy times in Tokyo 東京で嬉しい時

It has become something of a tradition for me to spend New Years in Japan. Well, it’s a family holiday after all, so it make sense to be here and spend it with my boyfriend’s family. And why do I start this post with food? Well, the Japanese kitchen is one big reason to why I am so happy to be back here. And during the chilly windy Japanese winter noodles of all kind in soup is the most suitable food. So tasty!
お正月を日本で過ごすは私に対して習慣になっている。でも、やっぱり日本のお正月は家族の休日だから彼氏の家族と居るのはいいだね。じゃあ、何で食べ物の写真からこのポストを始まるの?だって、和食のは日本に行く理由の中一つだ。で、寒くて風の冬時にスープ系の麺が一番いいと思う。Also what’s so good about being back is to meet all my friends who reside in Japan. And going for the good old drinking parties at izakayas. I just wish we had these type of restaurants in Sweden too, where you get your own room and can have a great time with your friends.
ほかのいい日本に行く理由はここに住んでいる友達に会えることです。居酒屋で一緒に楽しむのは最高だ。そういうタイプのレストランはスウェーデンにもあったらいいなと思うけど。個室の部屋でみんなで飲んだりするのはいいね。Most parties in Japan end with going to Karaoke, something that I’ve also missed a lot. It’s amazing how intrigued we  get when singing good old Japanese pop songs.
日本のほとんどのパーティーはカラオケで終わる。それもとても恋しかった。一緒に古い日本の歌を歌えば皆がこんあに盛り上がってくるのは凄いね。Today is New years even and tomorrow New years day. We will stay home during these days and enjoy the special Japanese New Years food and watching New Years TV. In one sense, it’s not so different from how many swedes spend their Christmas.

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