New old stuff 新しい古い物

By now it shold not be now secret that all I buy for the moment is second hand, right? Like this Juicy couture suit jacket from ebay that entered my mail box last week. The beret however, my friend Jakob gave me today. He found it on the street (he tend to collect a lot of things) but it was to small for him so I got it. It’s very nice, and I like it a lot, but if the person who lost it recognizes it please tell me and we’ll manage something… My brain is a bit confused at the moment. I’m in the middle of exam week and quite stressed. Next week though, christmas holidays start – I can’t wait!
現在買う服のすべては中古だと皆知っているだろう。たとえば、この先週届いたEbayからのJuicy Coutureスーツコート。バレー帽は今日友達からもらった。彼は道で見つけて拾ったみたい(集める系です)。凄く可愛くて好きだけど、持ち主がこれを見たら言ってください。。。現在、私が結構混乱している。今週は試験週間で超忙しい。しかし、来週からクリスマス休みだ。楽しみ!

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