Punch out Sunday 殴り合い日曜日

This weekend Tomo was here. Since it was a while we met I spoiled him totally by making advanced breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Other than eating we went out drinking with friends, watched a movie – the usual. We also had coffee with my cousin, and he ordered the most absurd pastry ever. A cake, with three macarons on top.
On Sunday a friend from my kick boxing club invited me along to a Thaiboxing competition in town that she had managed to get tickets for. Thaiboxing is much more rough than kick boxing and they wear less protection gear as well as punch harder than us. But still, it was very fascinating to watch.
Thai boxing also includes a lot of ritual stuff. The competitors walk around the ring, praying in every corner (or something) and during the fights they always play this traditional thai music. A bit odd, but compared to Sumo it’s nothing major.
I know for a fact that martial arts are really fun, challenging and also good workout for your body. Also, it’s a good excuse for hugging.

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