First weekend of Christmas クリスマスの最初の週末

I’m a part of the student council at our department. The period you’re active is one year, and that year is about to come to an end. To teach the new council the drill and have some nice time together I along with some 20 other students went out to a cabin at one of the islands of the Gothenburgian archipelago. We ate a lot of christmas cakes, like saffron bread and gingerbread, drank loads of mulled wine and sat infront of the open fire taking it easy. Basically, this was the first weekend with a real christmas feeling to it. And what do you know, tomorrow it’s December already.
In the middle of all the easy-taking-ness we went for a walk. Being situated on an island, the sea seemed to be the right place to go. It’s a bit sad that there’s no snow yet. The cliffs of the North Sea seem so depressing in the water reflecting the cloudy sky. But atleast the walk was refreshing and the view nice.

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