An autumn weekend and second hand bargains 秋の週末と中古バーゲン

I must say I had a great weekend. I went to my parents place and for once all my siblings were gathered, including my niece. I baked a lot of cookies and invented a recipe with apples. It consists of 3 layers; apple compote, white chocolate mousse and mixed fresh apples with almond and cinnamon. Between the layers I put homemade chewy nut cookies. It was super tasty, and I call it the Nut case apple smoosh.
今週末とても良かったです。実家に行って、久しぶりに兄弟は皆同時にそこに居た。姪も居たし。クッキーや新しく発明したりんごのレシピーを作った。りんごコンポート、ホワイトチョコレートムースとアーモンドやシナモンとミックスされてある生りんごの三つの塗りで作った。その塗りの間、手作りナッツクッキーを入れた。超美味しかった!Nut case apple smooshと呼びます。With autumn comes leaf raking. Good healthy exercise. And a bit fun too.
We also went to a big flee market nearby. I managed to find this lovely leather handbag, which once might have belonged to a conductor or so. It cost 2 euros! Can you imagine? The size is perfect, it’s genuine and has a story. And, this purchase goes perfectly in line with my challenge. I still haven’t bought any new clothes by the way, and to be honest I don’t really feel the urge. I must say I rather feel encouraged not to buy new things, knowing that there are bargains like this out there.

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