Finally.1Q84 in English, on my desk 私の机の上で1Q84英語版。やっと。

Yes, I got a package today with the English translation of part 1 and 2 of Haruki Murakamis latest book series; 1Q84. Murakami is my favourite author, not only because his stories are absolutely compelling and wonderful but also because I feel close to Japan when I read them. And I’ve been waiting for so long for the English translation of the newest one. The Swedish one was published about a year ago I think, but I don’t really like reading Murakami in Swedish at all. I tried with some of his other novels but the language feels faked and pretentious. Oe and Kawabata however, work perfectly fine in Swedish. Probably it depends on the translator. Anyhow, the English edition of 1Q84 took so long, probably to get it as good as possible. I can’t wait to start reading, and I will do my best to not read it too fast…

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